Arborist Tree Service

Full care comprehensive Ogden & Layton tree service. Not only do we offer a tree removal service and a stump grinding service, but our arborists can also inspect your trees for health and recommend treatment when needed. Our Ogden & Layton tree service offers arborist inspections of your trees. Inspecting your trees regularly is vital to the health and growth of your trees. Our experienced arborists provide the following tree service:

Tree Service #1 – Tree Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Service
We can identify the common tree diseases in Ogden & Layton Utah and surrounding areas. Diseases if caught early enough can often be treated, thus preserving the beauty o your trees and landscaping. Diseased trees require proper diagnosis and treatment. Our experienced arborists can determine what diseases may be affecting the health of your trees and offer treatments to combat the diseases as well as prevent future sickness. Be sure to contact Tree Surgeons for a free inspection and to hear what tree services and treatment options we provide.

Tree Service #2 – Insects and pests Tree Services
Pests are a big problem in the Ogden & Layton Utah areas. Pests can destroy a tree from the inside out. Not only is this hard to determine for the casual observer, but it is also a safety hazard as infected trees become weak and prone to falling over. Our arborists have the expertise to identify insect and pest problems.

Tree Service #3 – Managing Tree Size & Growth
Many Ogden & Layton trees have overgrown their yards. Our arborist tree service can help you better understand how far apart to plant trees and what type of tree would be ideal for your landscaping and yard. Proper tree placement is crucial to having a landscape system that evolves correctly as trees continue to grow as they age. Making informed decisions on the front end will result in your yard being beautiful for years to come.

Tree Service #4 – Soil Fertilization and Inspection
Many people neglect to realize how important proper soil is for tree health and growth. Our Ogden/Layton tree service arborists will help you identify proper treatments to amend the soil and promote tree growth. Often times amending the soil will be enough to help a sad tree thrive.

Tree Service #5 – Trash Tree & Invasive Tree Poisoning
We provide a tree poisoning tree service for invasive trash trees throughout the Ogden and Layton, Utah area. Trash trees such as Siberian elms, box elders, and sumac spread thousands of seeds each year and can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. They are best removed. See our blog article 3 Worst Trash Trees in Ogden/Layton Utah for a more in depth discussion of the property damage these pesky trees can cause. Poisoning invasive trees can be an inexpensive way to prevent your yard from getting overrun by unwanted invasive tree species.

Tree Service #6 – Tree Planting
Our arborist love planting trees. We are happy to recommend which trees will grow well for your soil condition. We also can recommend proper tree placement for your landscaping. Fertilizing the soil and digging a big enough hole to allow the roots to grow freely in soft soil is crucial to proper tree growth and health.