Stump Grinding & Removal

We offer stump grinding and removal throughout the Ogden and Layton area. Leaving a stump in your yard is hazardous and looks messy. Stump grinding and removal allows you to put grass back in after removing a tree, thus beautifying the landscaping and look of your property.

Tree Stump Grinding

We offer tree stump grinding throughout the Ogden and Layton areas. A stump that is left in the yard is hazardous and looks messy. Stumps left in yards can also be breeding grounds for pests and unwanted vermin. Grinding a stump below the surface of the grass allows for the homeowner to add new topsoil and new sod to the area. Stump grinding is an optimal solution for people who want to make their yard look nice after a tree removal and who don’t want to pay extra to have a tree stump and rootball dug out by an excavator. By grinding the stump and leaving all the roots in tact, we allow mother nature to do much of the work as the remaining roots decompose with time.

Types of stumps we grind: We offer stump grinding for both freshly cut wood from a tree removal as well as for a dead stump that is in the process of decomposing. We typically give customers both an estimate for simply grinding the stump and leaving the wood chips on the property as well as an estimate for hauling away the woodchips to make room for topsoil and replacement grass/sod. Sometimes homeowners will choose to keep the wood chips and use them in landscaping elsewhere.

Advantages to Stump Grinding: Relatively inexpensive and quick. Can resod over area.

Disadvantages to Stump Grinding: Not able to replant a tree in the same spot.

Tree Stump & Rootball Removal

No Stump is too Big to remove

We can remove any stump by digging it up and removing it with an excavator. This is a great solution for those who would like to replant a tree back in the same spot after getting a tree removed. Stump removal is also a good solution for trees that have fallen over and have left a big mess of roots and a stump to clean up.

Perplexed whether to Grind or Remove? See our article Ogden/Layton Stump Grinding vs. Removal for a more detailed discussion of the pros and cons of stump grinding and removal.

Stump Removal Advantages: Ideal for landscaped homes or for situations in which a tree needs to be planted in the same spot of the removed tree and stump

Stump Removal Disadvantages:While we do our best to keep prices low, tree stump removal is generally more work than stump grinding. Tree stump grinding might be a better option for those on a fixed or limited budget.

Stump & Tree Poisoning

Stump and tree poisoning is an option for some invasive and tenacious trees. Some species such as the Siberian elm tree and Sumac tree may require poisoning to eliminate them completely and prevent their from sprouting new trees in the future. We offer a free of charge inspection to determine whether or not your stump could benefit from poisoning. Many homeonwers hire us to apply stump and tree poison (we use ultragarlon 4) to smaller trees, shrubs, and saplings that are invading their yards and that are too labor intensive to dig out or remove by other means.

Advantages of stump and tree poisoning: will kill tree completely and prevent regrowth of tree suckers and saplings. Safe for the environment. A relatively inexpensive solution to a noxious tree.

Disadvantages to tree and stump poisoning: might require more than one treatment with very hardy and invasive species

Surface Tree Roots

We can also clean up near surface roots that are making the grass ugly and woody. Many tree companies don’t have the right equipment to remove tree roots and rootballs. We have a mini excavator that will remove these difficult roots. We are not afraid to tackle these difficult rootsand will take care of them quickly and efficiently. Surface roots are common in softwood trees such as silver maples, willows, and evergreen trees and turn soft green lawns into a web of knotty roots that make walking in the grass feel more like walking on wood than on lawn.

Method: Our excavator has a claw on it. We use this claw to grab surface roots and pull them out of the grass.We also use our excavator claw to wiggle the tree stump/rootball and to heft it onto a trailer for removal.

Advantages: Ideal for homeowners who want their grass to look good and need roots removed and are planning on replanting or resodding the area.

Disadvantages: We are as careful as possible not to damage landscaping. Even so, removing a rootball and roots can be a messy process. Stump grinding is much less disturbing to landscaping and grass and is the preferred method for homeowners wanting to resod an area after tree removal.