Tree Removal

Tree Removal Expertise

We have the expertise and equipment to get the job done right the first time. We use the best equipment available. Whether your tree is out in the open or above your home or a structure like a fence or shed, we are careful and experienced.

Tree Safety

We pride ourselves on safety. No matter how difficult the tree removal job, we take precautions and take our time to make sure safety is our first priority. We wear safety gear, including harnesses, helmets, and double roping systems so that whatever the case, we make sure people’s safety comes first.

How we Remove Trees

All trees are different and require different strategies for their removal. We customize our approach for each tree. Our goal is to remove each tree as efficiently and safely as possible with minimal disturbance to property and landscaping.

Tree Removal by Crane

If there is sufficient access, we prefer to remove trees by a crane. To remove a tree by crane, we harness ourself to the ball and hook at the end of the cable and are hoisted up to the top of the tree. We use a double rope and lanyard system to safely secure the tree climber to the tree while working. Working in tandem with the crane, we can precisely and safely cut and remove large sections of the tree. Obstacles like houses and fences are not a problem since each piece of the tree is very securely craned out and set at the edge of the street or close to the chipper.

Advantages to tree removal by crane: very quick and efficient removal of large trees

Disadvantages to tree removal by crane: access for the crane truck to work sometimes can be a problem, especially when there are multiple power lines in the way

Tree removal by manlift

Tree removal manlifts turn very sharply and can fit in small areas that a crane wouldn’t be able to fit. Access is generally not a problem. Our manlift is unique in that it can drive while extended high in the air. This allows quick and efficient tree removal from multiple angles.

In extreme situations in which tree limbs and branches are directly over houses or other structures, removing limbs safely with large tree rigging ropes can prove difficult. In these situations, we will manually remove smaller pieces of the tree into the tree manlift’s basket. We will then rotate the manlift turntable so that the basket is directly over a dump trailer and we will then place the wood and branches directly into the trailer for removal.

Advantages to tree removal by manlift: can get into really tight spots and work above structures like houses, sheds, barns, and fences

Disadvantages to tree removal by manlift: Not as fast as a crane since.

Tree Removal by bucket truck

Tree removal bucket trucks are popular in areas with a lot of access. Like the tree crane, a bucket truck is big, bulky and hard to turn and frequently encounters access problems. In the Ogden & Layton Utah area, bucket trucks are primarily used for tree trimming and tree work that can be accessed from the street or driveway. The buckets on these trucks are very versatile and can extend horizontally, which makes them ideal for tree removal.

Advantages to tree removal by bucket truck: Good for tree trimming and tree removal if you have really good access via a street or driveway.

Disadvantages to tree removal by bucket truck: heavy and bulky and have similar access problems that a tree removal crane does. In most cases, we prefer the flexibility and maneuverability of a manlift or a tree crane. The bucket usually has a limited weight capacity so they are unable to perform some of the same maneuvers a manlift can.

Tree Removal by Tree Climbing and Specialized Tree Rope and Gear

Tree remoal by climbing and using ropes to lower down cut limbs is the ultimate test of skill for an arborist. For safety, we use a double rope system and are always tied to the tree in two places. Additionally, we use a specialized lowering rope to safely remove branches and lower them to the ground. While tree removal by tree climbing is not as fast as other methods, it doesn’t require any access and can be done for any tree and in any circumstance. Multiple power and cable lines are not a problem nor is being in an difficult location such as over a house or structure.

Advantages ofTree Removal by Climbing: Can be done to any tree and under any circumstance.

Disadvantages of Tree Removal by Climbing: This method is not as quick and efficient as using specialized machinery such as a tree removal crane or manlift.

Tree Removal Cleanup

How we clean up your tree wood and branches depends on the landscaping. In yards with nice grass and sprinklers, we prefer to remove as much as possible by hand or with our wide-wheeled tree removal dolly. This dolly does not leave a mark on the landscape. We also like to rake up the tree debris and leaves before leaving.

Bigger trunks and limbs can be removed with an excavator or tractor. Some of these logs can weigh several thousand pounds. When using the excavator or tractor on awns, we prefer to put down ¾ inch osb boards to preserve the grass and prevent scuffing.

Bushes and Shrubs

Not only do we do tree removal, but we also remove bushes and shrubs. Thorn bushes, overgrown evergreen bushes and shrubs are no problem for our experienced arborists. We can remove any tree, bush or shrub no matter the size or location.