A question we are frequently asked is, “Do I need to get my stump grinding or do I need to get my stump removed completely?”

Stump Grinding
The answer depends on what your ultimate goals are. If you are simply wanting to place sod over the area where the stump is, then stump grinding is the solution. Our grinder can grind down to a depth of 8 inches below surface. This allows you to fill the area with new topsoil, thus allowing the new sod/grass to grow well.

Ogden/Layton Stump Removal
Many homeowners have limited space and have already placed landscaped curbing and have had their yard professionally landscaped. Often, the only place for a new tree to go is back in where the removed tree used to be. In this scenario, digging out the stump and the rootball is a better solution. The Ogden or Layton Utah homeowner can plant the new tree in the exact same spot since the trunk, major roots, and rootball is completely removed.

No Choice but to Remove Stump with Excavator
Sometimes homeowners have no choice but to remove the stump completely. Often when softwood trees fall over (pinces, fur, spruce, willow, poplars, cottonwoods, siberian elms, sumac trees, etc.), the rootball gets pulled out of the ground. When this happens, stump grinding is no longer possible. Instead, we just have to dissect and remove the tree in removable sections and then cut the remaining roots that are holding the stump in and work the rootball loose with our excavator. It is not easy, but it is the best long term solution. The rootball pictured above measured 6 feet wide and weighed close to 10,000 lbs (enough to tip the excavator when pulling it to the trailer).

Typically we remove the rootballs and use our excavator to slowly inch them on to our tilt trailer or trailer with ramps. We then haul them to the Ogden or Layton dumps and the giant excavator picks them right off of our trailer. We get stuck with a large bill since the dump charges by the pound.

Stump Grinding vs. Stump Removal to Ogden/Layton Dump Conclusion
In summary, do whatever is best for you. Stump grinding is generally cheaper since all that is involved is grinding down the top layer of the stump. The roots are left in tact and are left to decay and decompose over time.

Stump removal with an excavator. A mini excavator weighing roughly 10,000 lbs is the way to go. The claw can wiggle free or break apart even the toughest roots. We use a Kubota kx080-4 super series due do its strength and quick response. We dig or pull out all the major roots and take them to the landfill.